Photo By: Marcia Charnizon


Juliet Merchant is an international award winning composer and classical pianist working across a number of mediums in order to create musically enchanting scores to visual media and film. She was signed by the label EMI in 2019 and began producing music for BBC, ITV and Paramount Pictures. She has gone on to work with Kino Klassika to recreate scores for traditional silent Russian films. Amongst her repertoire is the collaboration with BAFTA winning director Gerry Fox for the documentary of world renowned ballerina Natalie Osipova in Force of Nature: Natalia. 


Juliet works in both classical and electronic styles that often comes together as a hybrid to create intriguing, yet powerful music. She is a strong advocate for minority representation within the classical and film music industry and has been working with the IFMCA and Cinematic Sound Radio to tackle inequality.

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