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Photo By: Marcia Charnizon


Juliet Merchant is an internationally acclaimed and award winning composer and pianist who is known for writing scores for Soviet silent films commissioned by Klassiki and the NCCA. Her debut came after writing for BAFTA winning director Gerry Fox’s documentary “Force of Nature: Natalia”, which premiered at Curzon Cinemas in 2019. Her previous work included “A Life for a Life” by Yevgeni Bauer, “Love’s Berries” by Oleksandr Dovzhenko, "The Girl with the Hatbox" by Boris Barnet, and “The Adventures of Mr West in the Land of the Bolsheviks” by Lev Kuleshov and “Aelita” by Yakov Protozanov, which were all premiered Institut Francais and the score was named “dazzling” by Russian Arts and Culture. She often performs her scores live and participates in interviews and Q&As after screenings. Her most recent work was writing the score for “The House on the Volcano” by Amo Bek-Nazaryan where she directed the Conservatory Orchestra of Armenia to make a live recording. This received an "outstanding" review by Peter Bradshaw from The Guardian and “an absolute triumph” by Fin Logie from Lossi 36 and has been premiered all over the world, most recently at MoMA. All films are available to stream on Klassiki and MUBI.


She has performed and had her music displayed in international venues including Curzon Cinemas, La Cinemateque Paris, Samizdat Eastern European Film Festival, Institut Français, National Centre of Cinema of Armenia, Vigevano, The Arnolfini, MAO (Modern Art Oxford), The Canyon Flats Video Wall Nevada and The Harrison Arts Centre. She is currently studying a Masters in Composition at Oxford University where she will be working with the Castilian Quartet, Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra and BBC choirs whilst performing concerts at Christ Church, Jacqueline du Pre, Hollywell Music Hall and more of Oxford's world renowned venues. She has won multiple awards including prizes at The International Music Festival in Blackheath, Ealing Music Festival and The Vigevano Soundscape Competition. She is signed by the label EMI and Motus Music and has composed music for BBC, ITV and Paramount Pictures. 


In addition, IFMCA and Cinematic Sound Radio have interviewed Juliet in collaboration with Debbie Wiseman and Rachel Portman to unveil the problems surrounding gender discrimination and to counter inequality by promoting female artists. Her compositions are comprised of novel combinations of orchestral and electronic elements and are a subliminal commentary on the human psyche. She brandishes her vulnerability as a mirror of expression for others and therein creates an intense and provocative sound.

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